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Online focus groups done-for-you in 3-5 days,
at 70% lower cost than in-person focus groups.
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The faster, cheaper & easier way to run focus groups



Get your results in 3-5 business days – guaranteed, or your project is on us!


SpeedyGroups cost 70% less than comparable in-person focus groups!



It only takes 30 minutes to get started – then sit back & wait for your results!

SpeedyGroups was an incredibly simple experience. With just a few minutes upfront investment, the study was up and running the next day, followed by a tightly honed and actionable insights report just a few days later. SpeedyGroups gained us valuable customer feedback in a tight timeframe – just what we needed to complete some much needed voice-of-customer research.

Nancy McCrave

Senior Experience Designer, Catalyst

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Get started today by submitting your project using our online project submission form, or give us a call at 1-888-268-6059 to speak to a researcher first. It takes only 30 minutes to get started!

We get to work

Our team jumps into action right away, recruiting your target audience from our curated consumer panel, moderating your SpeedyGroup(s) and analyzing the results.

You get results in 3-5 business days

In 3-5 business days we’ll send you an executive summary of findings from your SpeedyGroups. That’s over 5x faster turnaround time than in-person focus groups!

business days to get results

faster than in-person groups


less than in-person groups

It takes just 30 minutes to get your project started...

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If you can do it in a focus group, you can do it in a SpeedyGroup


Advertising testing

Iteratively refine and test ads alongside your audience – for 1/2 the price of in-person groups.


Concept testing

Quickly test concepts for new products, services or businesses among your target audience.


Website & app evaluations

Explore reactions to new websites and apps, or proposed features for existing sites/apps.


Communications testing

Evaluate the effectiveness of your communications to ensure your message resonates.


Audience understanding

Get to know your target audience better, exploring their opinions, attitudes, pain points and more…


Pre-survey research

Run SpeedyGroups before a survey to identify topics to explore and pre-test questions.

And much more… Call us today at 1-888-268-6059 to see if your project would be a good fit!

60% – 70% lower cost than comparable in-person or online focus group projects

In-person focus groups

  • $1,125/participant
  • Results in 5-6 weeks
  • Local recruitment only
  • Travel required to attend
  • Unnatural environment

Online focus groups

  • $875/participant
  • Results in 3-5 weeks
  • Nationwide recruitment
  • Observe from anywhere
  • Natural environment

**Source: ESOMAR Global Prices Study 2014 – average price of a “typical” in-person and online focus group project in the U.S, based on conducting 4 groups with 8 participants per group.

***Price of a comparable SpeedyGroups project based on conducting 4 SpeedyGroups with 8 participants per group (to exactly mirror the ESOMAR Global Prices Study specs).

Frequently Asked Questions

Have additional questions? Call us at 1-888-268-6059 or email us at sales@speedygroups.com

What is included with each SpeedyGroup project?

All SpeedyGroups projects are full-service and include:

  • Upfront study design and planning
  • Overall project management
  • Discussion guide development
  • Screening survey development
  • Participant recruitment
  • Focus group platform/technology
  • Moderation of the SpeedyGroup(s)
  • Instant transcripts in Excel & PDF
  • Incentives for every participant
  • Analysis by the moderator/research analyst
  • Executive summary and/or presentation of findings
  • Web/phone-based presentation of findings

Where do the participants come from?

SpeedyGroups has built its own pre-screened, curated panel of participants. This is one of the reasons we are able to deliver such a fast turnaround time at a competitive price – we have a large pre-screened panel of participants ready to participate at any time. We can also recruit from your customer lists, although we cannot guarantee our 5 day turnaround time if we use your list because of the potential variations in response rates.

How many SpeedyGroups should I do?

Much like in-person focus groups, it’s generally not a good idea to mix target audiences in a single SpeedyGroup. Instead, we recommend conducting separate SpeedyGroups for each target audience you have. Volume discounts are available as you add more groups to your project due to economies of scale. Use our instant quote calculator to get a quote for your next project today.

What does the deliverable look like?

At the end of each SpeedyGroups project you will receive transcripts from the online focus group(s) as well as a summary report of findings (delivered in PPT format) prepared by the moderator of the SpeedyGroup. The summary report highlights key findings from the group, with moderator conclusions and recommendations where appropriate. Schedule a demo today and we’ll show you examples of what you will receive as the deliverables for your project.

Are volume discounts available?

Yes. Volume discounts are available with annual pre-paid plans. Annual plans also include streamlined billing, dedicated account management, custom panel options (and more). Email sales@speedygroups.com for details.

Your findings will be delivered in 5 business days...guaranteed!

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Backed by over a decade of online and in-person focus group experience

Matt Foley

Founder, SpeedyGroups

Matt has over a decade of experience running hundreds of online and in-person focus groups on behalf of brands like Dell, Kraft, General Mills, T-Mobile, Hyatt, Mercedes Benz, College Board, Pfizer, Microsoft (and many more).

He began his research career at Harris Interactive, where he was a Senior Qualitative Consultant responsible for running focus groups across a wide range of applications, from new product development to ad testing and website usability.

In 2006, Matt co-founded PluggedIN, a pioneer in the development of market research online communities (MROCs). PluggedIN was acquired in 2011 by Edelman PR, the world’s largest independent PR firm, where Matt stayed on as a Senior Vice President.

Matt is a professionally trained focus group moderator through the RIVA (Research in Values & Attitudes) Institute, and has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University.

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