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I’ve been in the market research industry now for over decade. In that time I’ve seen a number of changes, but by far the biggest change I’ve seen is in the pressure that marketers face to move faster and do more with less, especially when it comes to gathering consumer insights prior to making important decisions.

The companies I work with need consumer insights faster (and on a tighter budget) than ever before, while ensuring that quality standards are maintained. Timelines that were once many weeks or months are now being shrunk to days or a few weeks (at the most). Research budgets that were once in the many millions are now in the single digit millions or even tens/hundreds of thousands annually…

Unfortunately, some research methods haven’t been able to adapt in this new marketing environment. Take, for example, the “traditional” in-person focus group. While research vendors do their best to compress the timelines on in-person focus groups, they generally take at least 4-5 weeks to plan, recruit, field, analyze and report on. They also suffer from high costs due to the need to rent expensive focus group facilities, food, video, travel, etc…

This is why SpeedyGroups was born.

I created SpeedyGroups to be the “faster, cheaper, better” approach to gathering consumer insights, updating the focus group from a slow and expensive approach to one that better meets the needs of today’s consumer marketers.

There are very few reasons why focus groups shouldn’t be online. After all, almost 90% of surveys are done online today – why haven’t focus groups moved online as well? The technology exists and consumers are well aware how to use it; now we just need to use it as consumer marketers and researchers!

SpeedyGroups give you in-depth consumer feedback that meets (and often exceeds) the quality you would get from in-person groups, all while significantly decreasing the timelines and costs of conducting focus groups.

I have my theories as to why focus groups haven’t moved online as quickly as surveys have (which I’ll get to in a future blog post). Needless to say, the mission of SpeedyGroups is to kill the in-person focus group. We hope you’ll support our mission 🙂

If you’re interested, try out a free SpeedyGroup today so you can see for yourself…

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– Matt Foley, Founder of SpeedGroups