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Our Story

Very few people who work in consumer insights, marketing, advertising or PR have the time or the patience to wait 5-6 weeks for the results of in-person focus groups.

Even fewer want to spend the estimated $36,000 it takes to run an in-person focus group study (the price of a “typical” 4-group in-person focus group study in the US according to ESOMAR).

That’s why SpeedyGroups was started. SpeedyGroups delivers online focus groups in 5 business days, for over 50% less than the cost of comparable in-person focus groups.

There is no reason why online focus groups (using webcams) shouldn’t be the dominant way focus groups are conducted. After all, almost 90% of surveys are done online today – why haven’t we done the same with focus groups?

SpeedyGroups is out to change the focus group industry, and we hope we can show you how fast, inexpensive and insightful online focus groups can be if you give us the chance…

Matt Foley

Founder, SpeedyGroups